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Warehouse Cooling

Chilled water system for warehouse or production area cooling or low temp glycol applications including food and beverage production.

1 x used water cooled Carrier chiller unit including:

2 x reciprocating compressors
2 x shell and tube condensers
1 x twin circuit evaporator
On board controls and electrical systems
Nominally 210kW @ +6°C chilled water & +27°C condenser water

1 x used cooling tower including:

1 x fan and motor assembly
1 x cooling tower pump
1 x water treatment system

Reconditioned 2018 for cooling tower code compliance including:

PVC fill pack
drift eliminators
air inlet louvres to keep sunlight of wetted fill sheets
Hot Water return basin covers, include securing tabs
Cold Water Basin covers to keep sunlight of the basin

2 x new induced draft coolers, each as follows:

73kW each @ +7°C chilled water
3100 x 650 x 900 mm high
250kgs each

1 x control cabinet

800 x 600 x 200mm HWD
3 phase isolator
IDC and pumps motor starters
Carel Digital Temperature Controller

Installation can be provided

Carrier air cooled chiller

700kW (Nominal) Air cooled chilled water or glycol chiller.

Make: Carrier

Year: 1994

Compressors: 8 x reciprocating type

Condenser: Air cooled

Chiller: Shell and tube

Refrigerant: R407C

Upgraded Control system:   Touchscreen HMI and PLC control system for maximum flexibility and control

Carel electronic expansion valves

2.4W x 7.5L x 2.8H

Delivery and installation can be provided at cost

Installation can be provided

Blast Freezer System

1x Bitzer Semi hermetic reciprocating compressor. 18.45 kW @ -24 SST / 45SCT

1 x Buffalo Trident remote air-cooled condenser. 33 kW @ 45SCT / 38ambient

1 x Buffalo Trident DX evaporator. 18.6 kW @-24 SST / 6Ktd

All the equipment has a nitrogen holding charge to preserve equipment integrity

Installation (mechanical and electrical) can be provided

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